March 01, 2017


What is your target? what are you aiming for? are you clear about it? are you sure about it? because if not then you better stop because you will never hit anything, you will hit something but it is not according to your standards. You will never hit your dream, you will hit somebody else's dream.

Let's say you set a goal to earn a million dollars this year, are you sure about hit? are you sure you are willing to hit it? are you sure you will keep going even if the going gets tough? decide now. If you are scared, if you are overwhelmed then you better think again because you will just waste your time if you will do something half heartedly. You must do it whole heartedly, you must put your heart and soul into it and never stop until you hit it.

Some people will target something and when they see that it is hard to hit... they will look for an easier target, yeah maybe they will hit the easier one but that is not what they truly want, in other words they are not happy for it. They just hit it to avoid being called a failure.

You should now what you are aiming for and hit it no matter what, never change your target, never change your mind. Because you will only hit it if you are clear about it, you will only hit it if you are decisive, bold and confident that you are going to hit it. Always changing your mind will never make you successful, you will only settle for what is lesser than your dreams.

Be clear about what you want and never change it. Never change direction or goals once you find out that it is impossible. It is impossible because you're a pussy and you don't want to endure all the difficulty of the journey.

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