March 02, 2017


Look at the good qualities, look at the good side, good effects and you will appreciate it later.

If you are disappointed with your mother because she is always making a sermon to you and always raising her voice. It is simply because she knows what is best for you, she doesn't want you to be bad person. She has more experience than you and she already knows life very well. Although her words sometimes are irritating... It has a good side... your subconscious mind has recorded some good inputs that you will use in life. Her words are repetitive, she is always repeating it because she is programming your mind to think about the right things to do when you need to make a decision. You will appreciate it later when you grow old, you will remember all the things that she said. You will appreciate all of her strictness and nagging moments because you will learn that she is right.

If you buy something at the mall and after you go home you begin to realize that you didn't like it, my advise is don't return it. Never regret your decision because you will appreciate that item later. Just look at it, if you can at least find one good quality of it then you will like it even better, your likeness of it will grow everyday once you learn to see some good qualities of it.

If you don't love what is happening now, the way to make yourself feel better is to stay with it and look for some good effects that can happen later. Look for some better things that are coming. It is just a matter of mind control and putting your mind back to the right position where it can appreciate life even more.

Don't worry about things, don't worry about your decision, never regret your mistakes because you will appreciate everything later. It is just a matter of time before it happens but for sure it will happen, you will feel better and you will like more what is happening in your life.

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