March 01, 2017


You want to stand out? you want to become different? WORK HARD! as simple as that. If you are working hard, if you are doing something that they can't do... you will be able to build unique attributes that will make you noticeable and that is guaranteed.

Most people who were already at their mid 30's will look fat and ugly. They are not taking care of themselves anymore because they just accept that they can't do anything about it anymore. Or maybe they were just too lazy to work. They will invent an excuse and embed it on their brains that they don't have time to exercise because they were too tired from their work. But if you will examine their lives... you will see that they still have time to watch tv after working while eating some pizzas and unhealthy chips.

Now, if you want to standout from those bums then you should not follow their routine. You should make a commitment to go workout after your work. Go to the gym after work, straight to the gym without any form of second thoughts. If you can't afford a gym then watch some video clips from you tube and do it at your home, no excuses, do it for 60 days and you will see the transformation in your body. You will stand out when your batch have a high school reunion because you work harder than those bums.

Everyone have a car, the only question is... is your car standing out? you can standout by having a very nice and fancy car or you can put some accessories to your car and set it up so mean. How will you do it? by working hard and earning a lot of money... as simple as that.

This principle applies to anything, you can standout by working hard and staying disciplined. Because a lot of people were simply lazy and doesn't want to go to an extra mile. They can't build a habit that will make them so unique. You don't need to be smart here, you don't need a lot of knowledge. All you need to do is work harder than anybody else and you will get what they don't have.

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