March 13, 2017


If you're that type of person who's not loud and shy being the talk of the town... it's ok. Never compare yourself with other people who are popular and can go loud anytime to attract a lot of attention. I know sometimes you are thinking about what if's .What if you do what they do? what if you also get loud to attract a lot of attention? what if you change your identity and copy what is working for most of the people that is thriving by just getting loud?

Don't ever do that because that is not you. You can do it if you really want it and your decision is final and you will never go back being a wallflower again. But if you will do it just for the sake of getting attention from other people and wanting to become popular too then you're in the wrong path my friend. The worst thing you could do is not being yourself and following other people's path.

You can become popular even if other people thinks that you're just an ordinary wallflower. There are lots of shy, weird and introvert people who became popular without changing anything from themselves.

Just master one thing. Become one of the best in one thing. It can be about music, technology, a specific game, business, math etc. People will come to you if you have an expertise especially if you're one of the best. They will adore you and give you special treatment, it is simply because they need something from you or maybe they want you to teach them about your specialty. You don't need to expose your special skill, it will be exposed naturally, you don't need to look arrogant and tell everyone that you've got some serious skills. If you're really good, your skills will be exposed naturally.

So don't try hard wanting to become a popular person. Just be natural and you will become popular. At first people will ignore you, they will not be interested at you but once they saw that you possess something special then they will go after you, they will be the one associating themselves with you. You don't need to make a move, just be a great at something and never stop improving.

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