March 06, 2017

WHAT IS YOUR NEW GAME? (a game that will not be outdated)

You have to entertain yourself, you have to amuse yourself and not just busting your ass everyday working for a company that doesn't even pay well.

You have to create a game that you will be enjoying playing for a long time, a game that will not be outdated. Not a video game, not an apps game. Something that will make you a better person and can contribute to your growth in spiritual, financial or physical.

My new game is my you tube channel (, I am playing guitar, I am playing with my diecast collection. Not only I was enjoying it, I am also enjoying so much playing guitar and my diecast collections and of course earning big money. I am growing, I am earning, my guitar skills are getting better.. it is so much fun. I feel like really growing and evolving as a person. I feel like I own an entertainment business and the more likes and view I get, the more money I earn. I love working hard for that channel, as of now it already have 70 videos and I am planning to make it 1000 at the end of the year. It's really like a game but the difference is unlike any other games... it has benefits and it can make me financially stable. What a way to live life... you are enjoying and at the same time earning for your family.

You can make a game for yourself too, a game that will make you enjoy life even more. You can find it, all you need to do is make that game grow and make sure it is not just wasting your time. Make sure it is putting you in a better position financially, physically and spiritually. Make sure it has growth and can make you happier everyday. A game that you can play forever.