March 05, 2017


Don't be afraid to face the stress because there will always be another level of stress. And don't ever act that the stress you are facing now will make a big damage to your life. It is nothing, why are you so allergic to it? it is not the last stress that you will experience. The will always be another level of stress that you will experience in the future. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow or even next week. Stress is part of your life and you have to accept it. You can escape stress now and not face it but it will catch you next time so don't ever think that it is always avoidable because you will only get disappointed once it's there again.

So instead of refusing to experience it, why not learn how to react when it's already there. Don't think that it's the end of the world when you are feeling it, always be aware that it's just another level of stress and that's it. It can't kill, it can't make you poor. All it can do is make you grow if you will see the brighter side of it.

If your boss forces you to do an overtime and you really want to go home... how would you react? I have a work before and my boss forces me to do an overtime, and because I let the stress get the best of me... I kick a portion of the wall in the office and that incident causes my suspension and deduction of my salary. What a moron am I. But I learned from it and I already knew what to do next time. If you're the one in this situation, just think at the brighter side... you will get paid more, your boss will be impressed at you and he might give you a raise or he may even promote you in the near future. Stress has always benefits if you can find it and appreciate it.

What is the benefit of being stressed in the traffic while you are so hungry? There is, yes there is.. your patience will become longer, your endurance will become stronger, your mental toughness will become tougher. You might say that I am joking and there are really no benefits but if you can stay positive during traffic and endure it then you can use that kind of mindset everytime you have a problem. You can become patient and mentally tough if you have a problem. You may say that those two scenarios are completely different. I agree but how do you feel when you have a problem? you feel stressed right? it only means that you somehow feel the same way when you have problems and when you are stuck in a traffic.

Keep in mind that the more stress you faced and feel positive about it... the more you can achieved a lot of things in life. Pursuing greatness is stressful so if you can endure a lot of stress it means you can achieve great things.

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