March 21, 2017


If you don't know that you are worrying your mind will keep on adding negative things into it. There is nothing wrong in worrying, it is normal because you're just a human but you should always be aware if you are worrying so that you can immediately stop it.

Because if you are totally controlled by your worries... you will be in an auto pilot mode, all of your actions will be negative or out of sync or sometimes you will not even take an action at all.

Once you learned that you are in a state of worrying... change that state immediately. Worrying will not help you, it will only make your situation worse. It is like a poison that is making your body weak and sick. It will freeze your body, it will suck your energy and make you look like a kid bitten by a poisonous snake whose body is completely immobilized. Your body parts will not work, your mind will produce thoughts that will only make the situation worse. All of your decisions were wrong and that is if you can even make a single decision. You were so scared and cannot execute a simple action.

Be aware if you are worrying so you can stop it immediately. Look at yourself and study how you feel, be honest with your feelings, don't pretend that you are not worrying. Be honest if you are scared because once you do that then you can get rid of your worries as fast as you can. Always think that you will not die so why worry? always think that everything is going to be alright and you can always make an adjustment if something goes wrong.

Worrying will only kill the happiness that you could have been experiencing now, so once you find yourself worrying... always look for happiness and that can be achieved by appreciating every moment and being thankful that you are still experiencing life.

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