March 20, 2017


If you're already tired, if you think you're about to quit and can't take it anymore... the only way to keep going is to just test yourself. Don't think about the finish line, don't think about how much strength do you have, don't think about if your efforts were still effective or are you still making a progress... just test yourself.

For example, if you set a goal today to reach a certain number about something. It can be doing 1000 pushups, earning 1000 dollars, writing 50 articles or running for 2 hours... of course there will be times when you will think that you can't do it anymore, there will be times when you think you are just being delusional and the numbers you set is impossible to achieve. Your mind is just tricking you because you are seeing the gap between your position and the finish line. You are seeing a large gap and your time is running out or your body is wearing down that is why you almost wanted to quit.

Just test yourself how much can you do. Just do the next step and forget about finishing. Keep moving even if your body and mind is slowing down, just enjoy the slowness of the momentum. Always one more even if the time is running out or even if you are really stressed. Just do one more until the time limit has been reached. One more word, one more pushup , one more calling for the client, one more step, always one more. One is better than zero, no one can stop you from doing one simple thing.

The only reason why you wanted to give up is because you are always thinking about how far the finish line is, you are always thinking about your time running out. Just think about testing yourself and doing the next simple step instead of doing it all. Lay the bricks one by one and forget about winning. If it is yours then it is yours, it will happen if it will happen but the only thing you must do is you should focus on what you can control and that is taking the next step.

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