March 01, 2017


If you can ignore the noise outside of your house and keep working on your project then you will finish fast and do more task than you usually do. The kids that are shouting, the loud music of your neighbor, the noisy vehicles.... those things means nothing if you are really determined to finish what you are ought to finish. Ignore the bullshits outside and do what is needed. Noise is nothing but a sound, it can't harm you nor make you sick. It can only annoy you if you give it an attention. Having the power to ignore will make your focus stronger.

If you can just ignore your taller or stronger opponent then you can be yourself more and use your skills to the fullest. If you can ignore the people who are cheering against you then you will be more confident and focused. If you can ignore people then it means you are following your heart. You can't do what you want to do because you are not focus and there is too much going on inside of your head.

If you can ignore your mind telling you that you are tired then you can push more and move until you become successful, Ignorance is a bliss, not knowing that you are in pain will make you stronger and unstoppable. Ignoring is a powerful thing, it will make you moving and pushing until winning has a sighting.

If you can ignore your critics telling you that you are no good then you will have a happier and peaceful life. What they say is none of your business, it is your duty to make your life successful and do what is needed to become a better person. Just ignore all the negativity and you can conquer any adversity.

Train yourself to ignore all the things that doesn't even matter, ignore the things that are useless. Just focus on the things that will give you better feelings because that is what you need to keep going and winning.

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