March 04, 2017


Whether you like it or not.. the only option that will make you win is taking action. I don't know why a lot of people can't get it or maybe they were just too lazy to take actions. They were even too lazy to think about taking actions, they were simply irritated in the word "action", they feel like it is a curse and they don't want to hear it anymore.

If you're fat what are you going to do? a lot of people will think too much, they will watch home tv shopping and look for the best exercise machine available or they will even search the internet and look for a self development coach or a diet guru that will make them pumped up. The simplest option is the best option and that is taking action. Just walk, just jog for consecutive months and let's see if it didn't change your body. Don't look too far because the solution is already in your hands.

If you accidentally impregnate your girlfriend and you don't know what to do, here is what you need to do.. just take action. Tell it to your parents and your girlfriend's parents, problem solved. It is all about doing the easiest action that you can do and let the momentum guide you on what to do next. Of course they will get mad but at least you will figure out what to do next. It is either you stop school and find a job or your parents will support the baby. Whatever action you can do, do it because it is the only solution to your problem.

If action is not the best solution then what else can you think of? if you are procrastinating and leaving things hanging in the air then you will become crazy thinking about solutions that you will never ever do. Just do it, say it, solve it.

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