March 02, 2017


Speed is not a factor in success, at some point it can help you but success is not looking who is the fastest or who can do the most. Success requires consistency. You have to do it everyday, you have to show up everyday, you have to have no absences or excuses. You need to stay connected to what you are doing everyday so the momentum will not be cut. You have to be always updated and you should be thinking about it 24 hours a day. It is a long term commitment. There is no speed needed, you only need to flow, a nice flow that will bring you towards success.

Some people who are rushing to success ended up achieving nothing, you know why? because they have no patience, they want it fast, they never stick with the process. Once they see that something is not working... they will quit. Success is a marathon, it is not a sprint. You have to continue doing what you are doing no matter what.

The good thing about being consistent is you will become better everyday, you will become faster everyday because you are getting very much familiar with what you are doing. Your skills will reach another level. The more you are consistent... the faster you become better.

No need to rush because if you are rushing... you will make mistakes. You will go back to zero. You will miss the fun in the journey and that is what will make you quit. Take it one step at a time, one action at a time. Don't look for the results and just focus on the process. Just become happy in taking actions and you will go further.

It is like putting a one dollar coin in your piggy bank everyday. You don't need to rush because for sure it will become full one day. Rushing means you are worrying if it will happen or not, rushing is useless, it will drive you to a wrong direction. Just be consistent and persistent, success will become evident.

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