March 14, 2017


You said to yourself that this time you will start again, you just need to quit your present project so you can focus on your new journey. Do you really love your new journey? or you can't hold on to your old journey anymore because it is too hard?

Don't pretend that you will start a new thing or you discover your true passion if the truth is you just want to escape the present journey because you're a pussy and you can't stand losing anymore. Stop being a coward and learn to face the reality. If you will start again then you will suffer again, maybe it is easier in the beginning because you will feel a little bit excited but wait until the going gets tough again... you will remember your old journey and you will start to wonder what if you didn't quit? maybe you're already successful now.

Shits happen and it is part of life, it is part of every dream. You can't escape adversity because it is part of life, it is the one that makes the victory even sweeter so don't ever think about doing some other things just to escape the difficulty of your present journey. Stick with it until the end, stick with it until you become successful, that is the only way to become successful. .

There are lot of college students who can't finish a specific course because they were full of shits. They will tell their parents that they don't like the course that they are taking so they will shift to another one and when things gets hard again, they will shift to another one until they haven't finish anything at all. It's not starting another journey, it's quitting time and time again.

So be real, don't fool yourself that you need to start another journey, doing that will never erase all of your problems. You have to face the struggle and do something about it, you have to be ok with dealing with difficulty because you will experience it again even if you have a new path. Starting again is not the solution, it is staying with the problem until you solve it. 

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