March 01, 2017


Being old doesn't mean you have to accept ugliness. Yeah, it is true that your skin will get wrinkled, you smoothness will fade and your beauty will degrade but it doesn't mean that you have accept or invite ugliness in your life. Some people are just using their age to become lazy and ugly.

Metabolism. People say that when you are getting older your metabolism gets weaker. At some point it is true but some people already knew it but they still eat a lot of garbage foods that will make them fat and heavy. They will tell themselves that they were too old that is why they become fat. They will not admit the fact that they eat a lot of junk foods that will make them heavy and ugly.

I don't need to look good because I am already married and I am getting older. This is a stupid excuse again. Don't use aging to excuse yourself from stopping being attractive. You need to make your partner happier by looking gorgeous and sexy. You need to make your partner always thirsty for your love so both of you will be happier. Start exercising everyday and forcing your sexy figure to come back. If you can become beautiful then your partner will be influenced by your transformation, he will do everything to look better too and both of you will become happier and satisfied with each other.

I can't run anymore. Even if you were already old... you can still run. You may slow down but you can still run so don't ever make an excuse that your joints were aching and you are prohibited to run. It's all in the mind, your body will become better if you run. All of your disease will go away if you run everyday.

When you are getting older that is the time when you should fight aging and strive to look more beautiful. That is the beauty of life, you can transform anytime you want. You can look younger than your age if you are willing to put in the work and sacrifices.

An old beautiful is more impressive than a young beautiful because being young is already a beauty. If you are old and you still look fine, it means you are taking care of your life.

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