March 05, 2017


If you want  to achieve something, if you are making something grow, if you are building something that you think will become great one day then you better be slow and consistent. You don't need to become very fast but in the middle of your journey you will eventually quit.

There are lot of people who start strong and going strong but when they can't see any improvement and huge progress on what they do... they simply quit. They will do it for weeks, they will go hard and become excited about it but they were very impatient, they are not enjoying the process so they will stop and do something else.

If you are rushing it means you are impatient and you want it right away, you want to produce results even though the work that you put in is not yet enough. You feel like you're already deserving even though you just work for how many weeks or months. Success is a marathon, it is not a sprint that only needs a display of power and speed. You need to have a very strong endurance because you have to undergo a very long process that will test your toughness physically and mentally.

Some people will work very fast now, will work hard today but will rest tomorrow and come back maybe the other day or next week. That style will not work, you have to be consistent on showing up everyday and doing something to improve what you are doing. You have to simply enjoy the slow progress and little improvement everyday. Sometimes you will not even see any improvement at all but you have to keep going because all of your efforts will sum up in the end. It will make an equation that is needed to become successful.

Just enjoy being slow, there is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy your own pace, if you need to push a little bit then do it but don't push too much where you are not enjoying it anymore and you are becoming impatient. Patience is a virtue, a lot of people hates this word because they want it fast, they want it now. No matter how much you believe in shortcuts, no matter how short methods you try... there is no way you can escape a long process.

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