March 09, 2017


Most of you are setting big goals and not hitting it, you didn't even accomplish the half or it. You can't succeed because you are so overwhelmed by the process to get it. You will set a big goal and then get excited in the beginning and when you found out that it is very hard to get it.... you will quit and find something else to do that is easier and smaller. But the truth is you are not happier with that smaller goal because it is not your original dream. You are still looking for your bigger goal but you were already afraid and overwhelmed to get it, you don't believe that you can get it.

The best thing to do is set a smaller goal and make it big gradually, take it step by step, brick by brick until you finally get it. For example, if your goal is to make a million dollar this year... you have to set the goal smaller first. Aim to earn at least a thousand dollar then make it bigger, make it one hundred thousand dollar. Go to another level once you were already comfortable to a certain level.You have to take it slow, you have to make it bigger everytime you accomplished a smaller goal. There is no rush in here, you need to enjoy the process and stick to it no matter what.

There is nothing wrong in pursuing big dreams for as long as you're willing to undergo the process and stand for it. What is wrong with every individual pursuing big dreams is they are looking at the finish line already. They were thinking about having it so fast and not doing the steps to make them at least one step closer towards their goals.

Setting small goals and taking it to another level little by little is the surest thing to do it. All you need is patience, having the work ethic, consistent and determination to keep pushing until the end.

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