March 07, 2017


You should see it in yourself, if you can see it on others then you should also see it in yourself.

You spend so much time praising others, helping them to become great and telling them that they are going to become great one day, why don't you see it in yourself? Why don't you work hard on your own thing and become the best that you can ever be? you are always hooked up with other people's lives and kissing their ass while you already forgotten that you have your own life too and you can become successful too.

You should see it in yourself first before you see it in others, you should strive to become great first before making others better. Because no one will believe in you if you haven't done great things in life yet. You will be just another commentator who only knows how to make comments and predictions with no basis or enough evidence. Even your son or daughter will not believe in you if you are talking about greatness and you haven't done any great thing yet.

See greatness in yourself and do an unbelievable result in anything that you like to do, because you only have the right to talk about greatness if you've done it yourself.

Become an inspiration to others, it doesn't matter if what you are doing is cool or not, what matters is you like it and you love doing it everyday. Greatness can be seen in anything, not only in cool or popular activities. You can make greatness yourself and you will feel really good if you are getting better at something. There is no harm in trying and you should not feel bad about yourself if you are not great yet. What matters is you are pursuing it and you don't care about what people thinks of you.

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