March 01, 2017


Don't you know that in order to have a better life you have to know the things which you need to relax and rush? You have to become very selective on the things or activities that needs relaxation and fast movement. You have to know your situation and choose between relaxation and rushing. Speed and execution is very important if you want to become successful but you should know when to use those two.

Most of you are so relaxed on watching TV while eating popcorns and drinking diabetic sodas. You don't have anything to do this weekend so you just chill out and spoil yourself doing bum activities. Listen, you will only become fat and obese by doing that. That is not the time to relax, that is the time to rush into the gym and make your body better. That is the time to rush and build something for your future.

You are so relaxed because your business is doing well. You become complacent because you think you already made it and there is zero chance that you will fail again. Wake up, the world is very competitive now. If you will keep relaxing then you will be left behind. Your competitors will eat you alive, they are working super hard to dethrone you. It is better to rush now and do a lot of work because you are still succeeding and there is less pressure. You can't rush if your business is falling down because that will force you to make bad decisions.

You are rushing because you're almost late, you are violating traffic rules, you are overtaking a lot of vehicles without conscience. Wait a minute, you have to calm down. If life is on the line then that is the time to relax. If everything is mess up then that is the time to chill so you can think clearly and avoid making stupid mistakes. If you are rushing in a tight situation then that will make you even slower. You have to let go of the things that you can't control. Learn to live in peace in times of war.

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