March 01, 2017


There are lots of overrated jobs in the world and you must be careful with who you are respecting because some of them were not respectable, some of them were overrated. You must not believe so fast with the people you think are higher than you because sometimes you even work harder than them.

President. A lot of people thinks that a president can change the whole nation. They thought that once their candidate wins... their life will change only to see that they are the same person before and after their candidate wins. Presidents cannot change your bum life. He can make the economy grow, he can provide more jobs but if you are not willing to change then your life will never change. You will be the same bum as you were before. Stop trusting the president, he is just there to maintain the regularity of your country. You are the one who can change your life, no presidents nor emperors.

Coach. A lot of coaches were so overrated, a lot of people thinks they know a lot about the game. The truth is you can only know a lot about the game if you are playing the game, some hasn't even play the game they are coaching. Or maybe they played it in the past but they were not winners nor successful, how can you trust a coach who doesn't even know how to win? It is better to trust your instincts once you don't trust the play that your coach gives you. Trust yourself, you can listen to your coach's idea but at the end of the day.. you still need to follow your heart.

Analysts. They will give opinions that they truly believe is true or maybe they just pretend that it is true so people will believe them. They make a lot of predictions about who is going to win, who is the best player or fighter, what will happen in the fight or game. They think that they knew everything. If you will listen to them, all they do is make opinions and critics. They really don't know a lot about the game because they were not even players or fighters. They were just good in words so never believe these wannabes.

Managers. Some managers were too lazy so never believe a manager if you work harder than him. They were just good in commanding people and manipulating them. You thought that they were working hard but the truth is some of them are just drinking coffee in their office the whole day and counting the money that they get from the company.

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