March 01, 2017


Make it clear that you want your dreams, make it clear that you are willing to work hard to make it come true. Your thoughts should be clear, there should be no shadow of doubts or hesitation on your side. The reason why you can't get it is because your thoughts were so eroded with different things. You were not fully decisive and you are doubting yourself too much.

Once you decided on what you want, go for it no matter what. Make a plan, it doesn't need to be well prepared or detailed. Just make the basic plan and go for it with strong determination and desire. Never have second thoughts, always think about what you want and make actions to get it.

What you want should be clear. If you want a nice and brand new car then that is what you should work for. Never aim for second hand car once the going gets tough. Even if things gets hard and you feel like you can't do it anymore.... still pursue your original dream, never change it, never change direction, never settle for less.

Because if you are always changing your mind... you will never get what you want. You will get something else that you don't really want. You are just accepting it because you leave yourself no choice but to accept it because you think it's the only remaining option.

Just think of that one thing that you want and never think about something else. Never think about easier things, never think about smaller dreams. If your dream is so big... don't be afraid to chase it and die for it. Because that is what you really want, it is not a sin to go for what you want regardless of how big or small it is.

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