March 05, 2017


Smiling is a good way to make you feel good. Smiling means everything is fine, smiling means you are ok with struggling. When you are smiling you feel abundant, you know something good will happen to you in just a matter of time. You know your situation will change and you are ok with feeling bad at the moment.

If someone treats you bad, just smile and walk away. It is not that you are scared, you just don't deal with the things that don't matter in your life anymore. You have goals, you have dreams, you have ambitions, you are pursuing greatness. Having an altercation with someone will not help you, it will not bring you one step closer to success.

If you are competing and you are down by a large margin... just smile. Show them that you don't care, show them that you have something on your mind and you are ready to make a come back.

Smiling means you are strong and you have a lot of gas left in your tank to make actions. Smiling means you're invincible. It is powerful, it can annoy someone, it can cheer up the people around you. You can even make your opponent feel bad by smiling. It can be a sarcastic smile or a smile that means mockery.

Smiling when you're down will even make yourself feel better. It will take away your troubles, you will feel lighter even if it is a fake smile. Smiling when you are down means you are going up and you are making a comeback. It is confidence, it is faith, it is knowing that it's just a matter of time before your situation becomes better. It is feeling that you will still win no matter what obstacles are on your way. It is feeling secured even if you are in danger.

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