March 05, 2017


Don't be mad if your idol is being beaten in a championship match. It is easier to watch sitting on your sofa and yelling your idol what to do. He knows what to do he just can't do it because it is not that easy. If it is easy then why is he not doing it? it is a mixture of fear, carefulness and attention to details. He is seeing something that you can't see, he is feeling something that you can't feel. He knows the pressure that you don't even know.

It is easy for you to get mad and call someone names which are unpleasant because you think they are not doing their best. But if you will replace them and you are on their situation... let's see what you can do.

It is easier to watch than to perform because it is more comfortable watching. Even the ones performing, even the ones competing... most of them are just watching their opponents beating them. Most of them were stunned and cannot do something to win. They cannot move, they cannot play, the are holding themselves back.

That is why there are only few who can really perform... these are the real champions because they can use their skills no matter how big the pressure is. They can still take actions even if they are scared, they are not afraid to lose.

So don't ever think that you are better than the person who is being beaten. If you think you're good then why are you just watching? it is easier for you to comment and make fun out of the one who is losing because you're not on his situation. It is easier for you to look great and act like you know a lot because you're not the one who is being humiliated. You're just a spectator, you're just drinking beers and posting your comments on the social media so don't ever act like you can win if you're the one who is performing because you haven't prove anything yet. Just shut up and be happy for anyone who is trying to win.

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