March 01, 2017


Everyone wants to become great but doesn't want to experience the emotions of the great ones. The greatest people in this world has experience the extreme emotions that an ordinary individual cannot handle. These are peak experiences, these are emotions that are very hard to explain. These are emotions that are very scary, exciting and out of the body experience. Emotions such as high level of fear, anxiety and stress... these are the emotions that the greatest ones are feeling everyday and are still willing to embrace just to maintain their greatness.

Because if you are doing something great... you will feel a lot of negative emotions because you are competing and you are pushing hard. You are on a pace that nobody can stick with.

Greatest athletes will push themselves so hard to the point where they almost died because of exhaustion. Ordinary athletes will never do this. They don't want to become very tired, they don't want to feel the pain. So if you are willing to feel what the greatest ones feel... you are one of a kind, you will become great too.

Rich people has experienced high level of stress that not all people are willing to face. It is normal because just like what I said... if you are pursuing greatness, you will feel a lot of different negative emotions and if you are ok to deal with those feelings... you will become successful too. Because a lot of people were too soft, they easily quit when things gets harder that it was before. They will cry like a bitch, they will go back home and do easier things.

Greatness is not for everyone. You can become great even if you are not smart, talented or gifted. All you need to do is hone your abiloty to embrace negative emotions because you will feel a lot of it while you are on your journey. You must be ok not being ok and comfortable not being comfortable.