March 01, 2017


Smash that door, kick it, punch it, hammer it, hit it with a baseball bat. Do everything to open it. You can do a lot of things. What I mean by this is if an opportunity doesn't open its door to you then you should work harder, try harder and move faster. Be like a man on a mission, be like a man possess and is willing to do whatever it takes to become successful.

The barometer of success is how hard you work for it and how patient you are to seek for it. It will never come on the first try nor second and third try. You have to try as much as you can until success in on your hands.

There is always a door waiting for you, there is always a door that is right for you waiting to be open. You just need to run an extra mile and prove success that you deserve it. You have to hustle like a gangster and work like an animal because it is the only way and there is no other way. If you will look for shortcuts then no door will open for you.

You have the key and that is hardwork and determination. You can open any door, you can build your own key.

Sometimes if you are knocking on a door, nobody can hear it because you are knocking too soft. You didn't mean it, you don't want it. You have to knock very hard so people will hear you and opportunity will find you. You have to knock so hard so they will know that you really want to come inside.

There is no room for lazy and shy people, there is no room for wannabes and softies. You have to go hard and make a statement that you really want to open that door. You have to show them that you are deserving, you have to show them that you have the key.

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