March 05, 2017


It is very simple... enjoy paying it. Pay it little by little, don't look for an escape, deal with it and just enjoy the process of paying all of your debts one by one.

You will be successful in everything that you are doing if you can have fun on it. So it is logical to say that you can have fun too in paying all of your debts. Treat it like a game, imagine yourself in a movie... you're the star and your role is a big time business man that was bankrupted because of wrong decisions. And now, you made a decision to rise again so your next move is to pay all of your debts one by one, you can enjoy it trust me. The mindset should be... you're growing and changing everytime you pay one of your debts. You must feel like another thorn was remove in your throat if you pay at least one of your debt.

You can't pay all of your debts one by one so you have no choice but to do it little by little. You can ask the person whom you have a debt if you can pay it by installments, I am pretty sure he will agree because it is better to get some money little by little than not getting anything at all. Some people can't pay their debts even if they are willing to pay all of it because their mindset is to pay all at once which is very impossible to happen.

Your feeling while paying your debts should also feel like when you're saving your money. You should feel really good, you should enjoy it and become addicted to it so you can pay all of your debts fast.

I am pretty sure you will never have debts again once you pay all of it because you already learned a lesson. I am sure you will save money this time because having debts feels like hell, it feels like you're in a quicksand and you can't escape it. So never borrow money from someone again.

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