March 03, 2017


Because it is full of shit, it is full of gossip and lies. A certain news network will invent a lot of stories just to get big ratings. They will even manipulate or twist stories so that it will sell well to the public.

News will invade your mind, your subconscious will be full of negativity which is bad to your life. You will not notice it in the beginning but if you aware of yourself, you will find out that what you are talking about is full of negative because that is what you heard in the news.

Anything that you hear will be recorded in your mind, you will remember it so you will talk about it. Look at yourself, study yourself after watching some news... tomorrow you will talk it with your officemates or friends.

New is full of crimes, accidents, crisis, calamity which is very bad to your brain's health. It will instill a lot of fear into your system and sometimes you will become paranoid. It will destroy your creativity, it will weaken your productivity. All it does is scare you and make you feel bad.

If you want to have a peace of mind then stop watching news and just focus on making your life better. Successful people never watch news, they don't care about what is happening around. They were too busy making their lives better so they don't have time for any bullshit. And that is very effective for them, they were more productive, they were more confident because nothing is bothering their mind.

Something will happen if it is meant to happen. Just because you watch a lot of crimes in the news doesn't mean the world is dangerous. News is giving you a paranoia so you better cut it in your life.

I've already stopped watching the news for 2 months and since then my life was easier. I am not having fears because nothing bad is recorded on my mind.

The baddest thing about news is your mind will be focused on negativity and you will not see the beauty of life anymore. You will be scared for no reason, you will connect your life with what is happening in the news. In other words, you are manipulated.

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