March 19, 2017


Great people never listen because they have ideas on their own, they believe in their ideas and they are so sure that they are going to succeed. Do you think that Michael Jordan listens to his coach during crunch time? Well, a part of him listens but he has some ideas on his own. He will trust his instinct and he will take over. He will make decision on his own because he knew he can win the game. The play was design for him but he will not follow everything that his coach told him because he already knew that to do and that is to win the game by any means necessary. He will break the play if needed, he will follow what his heart tell him to do so.

Look at Einstein, a lot of people called him crazy but he never listen. It is because he has an idea on his mind and he believes that his ideas were real and can become great one day, he persevere and keep working until the world believes in him. And look at him now, one of the greats that the world has ever known.

Same as Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.. he didn't finish College because he have something on his mind, he believes in himself so bad and he dedicate his time to perfect his idea. He never listen to naysayers and doubters. He prove himself to the world and became one of the richest man alive. If he only listen to his parents then probably he is just an average guy working at the office for some secretarial position.

I am not saying that you should become a rebel and never listen to your parents. You can only do that if you have an idea and you are willing to die for it just to make it successful, but if you're just a wannabe who wants to have an easy life and do nothing then you will never accomplish something in life, you will become another bum that will feel a lot of regrets when you grow old.

Always listen to what your heart says and execute right away, never hold back, never listen to what people say. Your heart is the guide, your heart can never go wrong.

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