March 04, 2017


It may not be working sometimes but it will still work. Don't ever underestimate an old technique because all techniques used to work before and it can still work now. There are some big companies who are not changing their techniques because it is the one that gives them success. So if you only knew old techniques... don't be shy to use it, don't hold back.

If you're an old school type of guy and your style is not modern.. don't worry because you can still get things done. Use the style and technique that you know because it is the one you love. You can use other and modern technique but if you don't love it then that technique will be completely useless.

Some old techniques can even out maneuver or out smart the new ones. It depends on the person who is using it.

So whatever techniques that you know... don't be afraid to use it. People may laugh at you, people may mock you but what matters is you need to get the job done and you have to use all the knowledge that you think will work, stop keeping it inside of your old box.

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