March 01, 2017


If it's giving you results... keep doing it. Don't stop, don't change things, don't look for other ways to become successful fast. You already seen what is working so what is the point of leaving?

Just do that process over and over again until you able to escalate it to another level. Big or small results... it doesn't matter. What matters is you are progressing everyday and you are enjoying the process of growth.

You're not on a race, you don't need to become successful so fast, you have your own timing so what is the point of rushing? Just be consistent and show up everyday, do that everyday and those efforts will sum up in the end. You will see how big you've become, you will see all the fruits of your labor.

Keep pushing, keep grinding, you will arrive in your destination no matter what.

A lot of people change direction and look for another process once they saw that the progress is very slow. They were very impatient that is why they are always lost. They keep on looking and looking until they find nothing.

Trust the process. Even if the process is slow or difficult, trust it and stick with it. Your pacing will become faster in a matter of time. For a while, you need to endure all the difficulty and beat any adversity. It is only difficult in the beginning, once you take your skills to another level... everything will become faster, smoother and easier.

Never complicate things, never look for complex things that you think will give you fast results. You will only regret it in the end. You need to have a lot of patience. Learn to wait while working and everything you need will unfold naturally. Everything you want will be given to you.

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