March 04, 2017


The only question you need to answer is do you still believe in your work? if yes then keep going and never stop until you become successful. If not then just stop because you are only punishing yourself, working without love and belief is really stressful and it can damage your body and mind if you keep forcing it.

You have to keep believing for your work to work.

Even if the money is not yet coming into your life, even if success cannot be seen... if you believe in your work then work. It's just a matter of time before you get what you want. One thing is for sure... hard work pays off, all of your efforts will be rewarded so keep pushing and produce one of a kind work.

A lot of people cannot make their work work because they don't believe it. They say they believe but why do they quit? Believing is working while results were not yet showing.

Time will come when you think you can't make it work, that is the time when you are being tested. Your belief is weakening, your body and mind wanted to give up already but there is a part of you that is saying "keep pushing, you're almost there" And you will start to believe again. But things will not work again, it is a rollercoaster of working and doubting. Sometime you will even wonder why are you still doing it, but you have no choice but to keep going because you really want it.

It is ok to doubt your work sometimes but never let your belief go away forever. You can always revive your belief by finding the reasons why are you still doing it. You can make your belief stronger by just being happy working and looking for the things that are fun in your work.

Again you have to believe for your work to work, that is all you need .

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