March 03, 2017


There are different insane behaviors that you might be doing. These behaviors becomes your habit and you didn't notice that it is eating a lot of your time. You keep doing it because you think that something is changing in your life but the truth is nothing is changing. You are only wasting your precious time that could have been use to make your life better. You better stop these behaviors now if you want your life to become more productive.

1. Checking your face if there is a change that happened. You are always looking at the mirror, you are checking if there is a dramatic transformation that happened to your face. You are checking if your pimples explode or your acne has tone down a little bit. You are checking if you become whiter or darker. Always checking your face makes you become conscious about it very now and then, if you keep on doing it your confidence will go down because you are always thinking about how you look and what people think about you.

2. Always checking the status of your post in social media. You are always checking how may likes you get or how many positive comments you get. The thing is this... if they like you, they like you. You don't have to convince yourself that they like you by measuring the number of likes you get. If your happiness is based on other people's reactions then you're in big trouble, you will become depressed if people are not appreciating you anymore or if the number of likes you get didn't meet your expectations.

3. Always looking at your belly in the mirror. No matter how bad you feel about your big belly, no matter how many times you measure it... it will not disappear if you will not do the things needed for it to disappear. You're wasting a lot of time looking at the mirror. The time you've wasted could have been used for running outside.

You have to be aware of the things that you are doing, you have to check your habits and know if it is moving you forward or backward. You don't know that you are wasting a lot of time and energy doing something that will not even make your position better. Be aware of your habits and remove some of them that are not giving you a chance to succeed.

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