March 02, 2017


The sad thing about life is it has an ending. No matter how strong you are, no matter how much you care about your body, you will still become weak as you grow old. No one is immune to mortality, everyone will die, nobody can escape it.

Caring is and endless cycle, someone will care for you and you should also care for someone. Before, your mom and dad is taking care of you. They are bathing you, they are feeding you, they are sending you to school. But as you grow older and have your own children... you will be the one who will take care of own babies.

That's just they way life works. I am writing this article to wake you up if you are a selfish person. One day you will take care of someone so you should ready yourself and be responsible so you will not have a hard time making adjustments once your time for taking care of somebody already come.

Sometimes caring for someone is hard and you feel like you don't have time for yourself anymore. But you should also remember that someone takes care of you before and it is time for you to give back.

Caring is a natural thing, it is a responsibility. If you are not caring for someone and all you care about is yourself then nobody will care for you in the future. You will grow old alone, your children will not take care of you because they will remember that you didn't take care of them. Your laziness will go back at you and remind you how selfish you are in the past.

So care as much as you can because that care will go back to you in the future. Care for your parents, care for your children, care for your friends.

You need to care if you want to have a very good life.