March 05, 2017


If you're a big fan of your own work, if you admire your content and ideas then life will become amazing for you. You will be able to create your own kingdom and you will have a lot of followers. It is because you are starting to become original. Yes, you get some ideas from others and apply some of it on your work but once you are doing your work over and over again... you are beginning to produce your own original stuffs. You are mastering your craft.

You will find yourself not looking at other people's works anymore because you're not interested at them. You begin to love yourself 100 percent and you become your own number one fan. You are promoting your work instead of promoting other people's work. You begin to trust yourself and your confidence is soaring high. You are so focused, determined and you don't mind being number one or number 10. All you know is you are addicted producing new contents, arts or ideas everyday and you are really having fun .

It's ok to get inspiration from others but your time should be more focused on bettering and improving yourself. You should learn to appreciate your own stuff, own story, own idea and everything about you before giving attention to other people's work. It's like you are making yourself rich and investing your time for your life. You are amusing yourself by your own work.

I know you spend so much time watching people on you tube, I know you've been a follower of some channel. It's ok but if you really wanted to enjoy your life then you should make your own content and channel and watch your own works, watch your channel grow and be successful too like others.

Being addicted to your own stuffs is the way to live life to the fullest. You are making yourself better, you are loving every idea that you produce, you are loving everything about your life. You will become more successful, free, happy and independent if you will be addicted to your own stuffs. It's like totally claiming your life and time from other people who get a lot of your attention before.

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