March 02, 2017


Being envy is one of the things that will make your life really difficult. It is an attitude that you must avoid to have an easier life. If you find yourself being envy with others, you should change your thoughts right away and just simply appreciate your life. By doing that, you will feel better and you will be able to enjoy life even more, you can attract more and you will be in a state of abundance.

Being envy means you are comparing yourself or what you have with others. It means you are not happy with yourself, it means you are lacking something. It means you are looking at the outside and not on the inside.

Never go outside of yourself because by doing that you are inviting misery in your life. Being jealous with other people's work, possessions and life is completely stupid because you are only feeling bad by doing it. The question is... are you going to get what you want by envying others? are you going to become rich and successful by pulling someone down? Of course not, you will be focused on a negative energy and you will not take actions to make your own dreams come true. You will place your attention to other people's lives and you will not make your life better.

If you can't be happy for someone then just ignore him. Don't talk about him, don't say bad things to him when he's not around. Just live your life and make success on your own.

Nothing or no one is better than you if you will just look at your own life. If you think that your house is small, it is simply because you see other people's houses that are big and you immediately got jealous with them. If you think that your car is old and ugly, it is simply because you've seen luxury cars on the internet and you want to have those type of cars too.

You will be fine if you're not envy because you will appreciate your own life even more, you will appreciate your things especially your hard work. If you work hard for something then be proud of it. Never compare what you have to what other people have.

It doesn't matter who has the best car or who is the richest. What matters is you look at your own life and you appreciate everything that is in there. You appreciate the most beautiful even the ugliest ones.

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