March 01, 2017


Success has a lot of enemies. There are lots of things that are stopping you from being successful. You should be aware of them before it's too late and you can't do something about it anymore. The enemies of success were easy to defeat, you just need to take full possession of your mind and be a little disciplined.

1. Debts. You will be suffocated if you have debts, you will never feel free to do a lot of things and become creative if you have debts. your mind is floating when you have debts so you must do everything you can to avoid it and have a financial freedom that will last for a lifetime. You can always avoid debts if you are responsible enough and can make right spending decisions in your life. You will have a hard time pursuing your passion if you have debts, it seems like you were already defeated before you even begin. So avoid debts to have a big breathing room and so you can do it your way not somebody's way.

2. Procrastination. You already failed if you procrastinate. This shit eats a lot of time. It will make you unproductive and useless. Be aware if you are procrastinating because that will be the start of your falter. Just do it, just begin, stop being a procrastinator or else your life will be full of terror.

3. Envy. You will never be able to move and do the right steps in life if you're envy to someone else. Your mind will be full of negativity and that will destroy your creativity. Just be happy if someone is winning because that will make you a winner too. It means you are confident that you can win too and you will be able to focus more on improving your life instead of just watching other people's life.

4. Lack of focus. You must do it from day 1 up to day 100. You must have a laser focus and be consistent in your efforts. You can't be working today and will not work tomorrow. If you are always skipping then it means you are just wasting your time because your momentum will always be cut everytime you skip a required activity. Everytime you pass... you will go back to zero.

5. Ego. Ego will make you unnatural. It will make you not honest with yourself and the people around you. You always want to look good, perfect and above from others. You never lose in an argument even if you're wrong because you have too much ego, and that will destroy you. Ego will destroy your focus, it will make you do unnecessary things, it will give you false beliefs that will lead to failure.

6. Worries. If you are always worried, you can never be yourself, you will never express your true skills and emotions. Your actions will be based on what other people say, you will please people just to become successful but you don't know that pleasing people will never make you succeed because you are giving your power to them. You will never be able to use your true power. You are worrying even if there is nothing bad happening yet, that will make you stiff and you will not be able to take actions if needed.

7. Addiction. Addiction to wrong things and activities will make you a failure. Addiction to drugs, video games, gossips, party. Those things will only put you in a bad spot and if you will not cure your bad addiction.... it is game over for you. Addiction can be cured if you will commit to doing the right things. Just do right thing one day at a time, focus on growth and you will see a tremendous change in your life.

8. Fear. This is the number one enemy of success. If you will not take risk and let fear control your head then you will be the same person for the last 20 years. You will never evolve, you will never become successful, Be aware if you are acting like a pussy and then pretend that you are brave. Pretend that you are fearless until you push yourself to take numerous actions to become successful.

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