February 05, 2017


Pressure is something that you shouldn't be afraid of because it is the only thing that will make you better. It is the gate of excellence and once you were able to pass that gate... you're completely a different person. Pressure is the partner of success, without it you will not elevate nor reach a different level. You can perform very well under pressure, it is just a matter of conditioning your mind and filtering strictly what thoughts you must entertain. This game of life is very playful, you can play it the way you wanted to play it but it can also play you if you don't understand the game.

Once you feel the pressure... embrace it, don't shy away from it, don't go back, face it like a real man or woman and make it as a part of your body, make it part of your life until you don't feel anything about it anymore. Pressure is nothing but a feeling, it can't hurt you, all it can do is make you better and that will only happen if you face it and play with it. Treat it like your slave, laugh at it, treat it like your bitch.

A lot of people were really good, skilled and has a lot of potential but when they feel some kind of a pressure that they haven't felt before... thy crumble, they can't move, they were stunned and they don't know what to do. They want to escape the situation but they can't, they just let other people control them.

You will feel the pressure even more if you are always thinking about what other people are saying. Pressure will kill you if you go outside of yourself, they only way to beat it is go to your roots, remember who you are and do what is needed at the moment. Always stay calm and remind yourself how good you are. You can withstand any pressure if you are not thinking about escaping it. You need to feel it, endure it and conquer it.

There are some people who are succeeding even though they lack the skills, it is simply because they don't care at any pressure at all. They knew they have to be courageous because the opportunity in front of them might be the last remaining opportunity for them. Thy don't take any second for granted, they will just do what is needed and they will never think about anything else.

If you will choose a teammate, who will you choose? someone who has the skills but doesn't have the heart? or someone who is not that talented but has a big heart and can endure any amount of pressure and make good decisions? if you are wise enough then you should choose someone who can take any pressure because a person who isn't afraid of any pressure will always win.

So be aware of yourself if you want pressure or not. If you are this type of person who is so afraid of pressure then you will never succeed, you may thrive in little ways but you will never go far. If you love pressure and you don't shy away from it then you can reach some heights that wasn't explored before by anyone.

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