February 01, 2017


Your situation becomes more difficult because you are acting like a diva that is entitled to have an easy life with lots of slaves and benefits.

Let's say that your situation is really difficult, but if you keep on whining and bitching the whole day then your situation will become difficult even more. You will attract negativity and bad scenarios will play in your life.

What if you just shut your mouth and do what will make your life easier? what do you think will be the difference? Of course there will be a big difference. You will begin to think clearer, you will be able to take actions that will put you in a better position. Close your mouth, stop the talking and start executing.

You're just injured a bit yet you are broadcasting to the world that you are badly hurt even if you are not. Was it just a prepared excuse so if you perform bad people will understand you? If you will just ignore your minor injury then you will be able to perform better and your opponent will never notice that you are hurt.

Life will become harder if you are looking at your situation as really hard. You can still do something about it, you can still do your best, you can entertain better thoughts yet you are not doing it that is why your life is always on a miserable position.

Never complain in life because life is really tough, it is either you do something about it or you complain about it. I am pretty sure that complaining will just make the situation worse. But if you take actions and do what do you think will make your life easier then chances are your situation will change. The rule is very simple... if you keep on thinking about negative things then you will feel bad and you will also get the negative circumstances but if you keep on thinking about positive things then your life will be easier and best chances will come to you, as simple as that. Very easy yet people can't do it because they fall in love with negativity.

Making dramas will make you weak because it only gives weak feelings, your motivation will die if you keep whining and crying like a kid. You're a grown up man now and you can change your situation anytime you like it.

What are the types of dramas that you must avoid:

1. Not getting what you want. You must not feel bad if you didn't get what you ask for. You are not a king who is supposed to have everything in just a matter of seconds. You can't get it because you didn't work for it. You are only making your situation worse because instead of taking actions, you are stuck in a mud telling the world how bad you've been treated.

2. Making a small pain bigger. You only have running nose but you told your boss that you have a high fever so he will allow you to leave the office early. You think you get away with it huh? if you keep living that way, your mind will be programmed that you can't endure some small pains. If you have a small wound, you will treat it like a big deal and you will feel like dying because your mind is already programmed that way. A small pain can ruin your day or even your whole life.

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