February 02, 2017


There is no hard work or easy work if you love your work. You will just do it because it gives you joy and bliss. Some people will think of your work as hard or easy but it doesn't matter because you are so focused on having fun. You don't care if you are getting paid high or low, you don't care if you are popular or not. For as long as you are doing it... you are alright and feel blessed.

Most people will always look for an easy work only to find out in the end that it is hard. The truth is it is not hard, they just don't want to do it or they got tired of doing it. They hate the repetition, they can't find the growth there.

A work that is difficult will look easy or will become very easy if you will learn how to love it. If you will just enjoy the process of doing it and you are not rushing then you will embrace your work until the end. You can become rich, you can become wealthy from it.

That is why champions are undergoing trough hard training but they can do it everyday because they were so much having fun, they love the process and they stick with it until they become successful.

So don't look for an easy work because you will never find it. You may think that it is easy in the beginning but it will become hard in the end because you don't love it. You will get sick and tired of doing it everyday. You will become frustrated, you will feel like a failure because you are not progressing nor growing.

So look for a job or a hobby that will give you so much fun, look for something that will give you happiness, excitement and joy and for sure you will have an extra motivation to wake up early everyday and come to work. Working will be very easy and your time will pass very fast, you will not even notice it.

But if you can't look for another job that is fun to you then it is time for you to look for the fun in your present job. You can add fun to it even if it is really boring. You can amuse yourself, it is up to you how are you going to do it. You can work faster and reach a personal quota or standard. You can use your job to attract people that can make your life better, you can play with it, you can have so much fun, all you need to do is become creative a little bit.

Some people with a work that looks dangerous or really hard is having a lot of fun. It is simply because they love their work, even if it is not corporate or high paying job, they still love it because it is who they are. They can make a very difficult task look easy because they mastered it for so many years, their love for their job makes them survive and become great.

Sometimes even if you really love your work, you will still experience some stressful situations, it is normal so don't feel bad about it. It is normal to experience difficulty, it is normal to face adversity, it is part of your job. Sometimes you would love to leave your work but your love for it will prevail in the end, the love will come back stronger and you will continue working until you can't work anymore.

Even if your work is really hard, if you really love it then you will stick with it, the only reason why you will leave your job is because the love isn't there anymore, there is no other bigger reason than that.

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