February 25, 2015


Why are you afraid to do something great? I know what is it that is holding you back, you are afraid to make mistakes right?. You are afraid to go to the next level because you don't wanna lose the things that you already have. You are afraid to fall because you worked so hard to be in the position where you are right now. Let me ask you one question, when you were born do you wear something? or do you have something in your hands?

We all have same answers and that is nothing, yeah we have nothing when we were born so why are you afraid to lose something when you literally have nothing from the start. Having a mindset of nothing to lose will give you freedom from fear and let you do what you want in life. Be happy if you gain a little and don't be sad if you earn small, just remember that you're starting point is zero. Be appreciative of the things that you get not matter how big or small it is. If you lose something don't regret it because you didn't really lose anything, always remember that you don't have anything on the day that you were born so all that happening in your life is gaining not losing.

You gain experience, you gain money, you gain wealth, you gain health, you gain age, you gain love, you gain things etc. That is how fun life is we can never lose anything because we are zero from the start.

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