February 25, 2015


Do you feel that your progress is too slow? do you feel that you can be more faster and be more progressive than your current situation? 

Then something or someone is slowing you down. Maybe you have a habit that is making your goal harder to reach. Think of what it is, is it television that eats more of your time?, is it food that makes you sick? is it your friends that serves as a bad influence and directs you to wrong way? is it your relatives that acts as a leech and suck all the wealth that you have? Study yourself carefully and get rid of what slows you down right now!! It is hard at the beginning because it is already a part of your life or already a habit but when you accept the fact that you no longer need it and you can live everyday without it then you will live a better and more progressive life.

Associate yourself with habits and people that make you faster, richer and motivates you more and not people who want to bring you down with them. If those people really care for you then they will  not be a burden to your success. If you have a habit that is hard for you to let go like smoking, excessive playing of video games, watching tv for more than 5 hours then you have to decide whether you will stay with that habit and be content with your life or get rid of it and become successful. Life is a matter of choice and decision making, if you can't decide now and get rid of what slows you down then you will become slow forever.

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