February 28, 2015


Maybe you are not the most talented person on your field, maybe all you can do is work hard, maybe a lot of folks out there are better than you but guess what? 

You can be the best on whatever it is that you are doing by being consistent, as simple as that. Just show up everyday and never miss any opportunity to improve, never miss a practice, never miss classes. The so called "talented people" are cocky enough and arrogant enough because they believe that they are talented that is why they take some days for granted. All of the most successful people in the world doesn't believe in talent, they just believe in hard work and desire. If you are consistent on what you are doing, you will thrive.

If you practice everyday even if is rest day, if you hone your craft everyday even if it is holiday then you will go to another level. Being consistent will make your life automatic, you can do things easily because your brain and muscle memory has mastered what to do without exerting a lot of effort. Consistency will turn you into a genius, have you done something for at least 21 days straight? Lets say a video game, a lot of gamers out there are playing video games everyday and they cannot pass a day without playing their favorite video game that is why when we watched them play we are amazed at how good they are, they were not good at first but when they become addicted that is the time they became great.

Consistency can be applied to any field, if you are poor in Math but if you study it everyday, you can be a Mathematician. If your body is weak but if you lift weights everyday then you can become a body builder. We can build strength we can become genius through practice of consistency, it is like putting money on a piggy bank, the more you put money the more you will become richer.

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