February 21, 2015


I've been working for 10 years for different companies and clients and I've already met a lot of people with different personalities, colors and perspectives. While I am working with them I am also studying their behaviors, physiology and strengths. I found out that some people are not really working hard, they are just scared because their boss might punish them, terminate them or even worse might kill them.

If you are forced to work hard because you are scared then you are really not working hard. You are just punishing yourself and you submit to some kind of a human being who is superior than you.

Working hard is natural, it even feels like you are not working. Working hard is harder if you are forced to do it and you do not love what you are doing. If your boss is asking you to make a report for a one thousand page document in just one week and it is against your will, stop doing it. Stop caring if he gets mad at you or not. It is not your obligation to please his ass and make him happy by killing yourself.

Be confident to say you are tired and it is already time for you to go home. Never work hard because you are scared to get fired if you will not do it. Work hard because you really wanted to do it and you enjoy doing it. Work hard because you are having fun and you know you will benefit something in the future.

Bosses that are bullies uses fear to make people work, they scare them to get what they want. Never get fooled by this foolish technique, after all your boss is also scared to replace you if you are good.

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