November 04, 2016


If you are brushing your teeth, you have to really enjoy it, you have to be slow while brushing your teeth. You have to feel the brush touching your teeth and your gums. You should brush every teeth and you should never rush in finishing it. You should enjoy the toothpaste and tasting its flavor, that is how to enjoy life. You will enjoy every second of your activity. You have to be really in the moment. You should not think of anything else other than brushing your teeth. You have to be fully committed to what you are doing and feel every second of your movement.

If you can do this kind of approach then you will enjoy your life even more and you will be less stressed.

If you are reading a book, you should never skip any word. You should understand every scenario and, you shouldn't skip any chapter because you will miss a lot and you will feel that you didn't enjoy your reading. You will feel that there is something missing. If you rush your reading then you will not understand it properly, you will learn an unclear story or information. In other words, you feed your mind with not so sure information.

Just like in typing in your keyboard, if you are rushing it you will make a lot of mistakes, you will be stressed because you have to repeat a lot of words or letters again. But if you are taking it slowly then you will enjoy the movement of your hands, you will not commit a lot of mistakes and you will finish faster.

So if you are driving your car, take it slowly, there is no need to rush because you can still arrive at your destination no matter what speed you reach. Even if it is 40 kph or 120 kph, you will still arrive at your designated place. It doesn't make a difference at all.

Life is not a race, those who rushes in life are missing a lot. They are missing the best moments in life, they are full of stress and they cannot even breathe. It seems like there is a rope strangling their neck.

The secret of life is appreciate every second of your life. You will see that if you are in your deathbed, you wouldn't want to speed the time anymore. You would love to slow it down but it will never happen.

You cannot control time, all you can do is be with it and enjoy it.

And one more thing, you should stick to the pace that you are comfortable with. If you are fast then be fast, if you are slow then be slow. Just do the best that you can do.

If there is a tight deadline, you don't need to worry even if you are slow. All you need to do is focus on the project and take the necessary actions until its completion. There are lot of fast people who cannot even beat a deadline because they were not focus. Yes, they are fast but they are doing a lot of things which makes them slow. Focus is better than speed. You can do more if you are just doing one thing. You can go far if your eyes were very focused on the journey and not on the destination.

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