November 03, 2016


If you are great in one thing, I mean really really great to the point where people are opening their mouth while watching you, then you can play. You are not just doing something but you are also playing with it. You can make exhibitions, you can make sick moves that will amazed people. You can have a lot of fun, you don't feel any pressure, you feel like you are the king of your own domain and nobody can tell you that you are doing wrong. Your moves are so sick, you are displaying unbelievable rhythm and you are impressing people even if you don't want to impress them.

Even if your job is dangerous, if you are really great at it then you can still play with it. Look at those racers... their job is dangerous right? but they can still play with their car, they can play with the steering wheel and making the car move in a very unique motion. They can drive so fast and make the car look like a thunder. They can maneuver gracefully and make the car drift like the wheel is burning. They were very playful even though driving is prone to accident.

Same as the circus performers, they perform very dangerous acrobats such as walking in a very thin wire in a very high place, eating fire, throwing knives to a woman in a spinning wheel etc. Their performances were very dangerous but they can still manage to have fun and play.

That is the beauty of being great, you can play in anything that you are doing. You are doing things in a very different level, you can do moves that most people can't do. You have a very deep knowledge that is very hard to reach. There is something in you that people don't understand. You possess something that is very hard to copy, you have a wide array set of skills that is unbelievable.

There are some taxi drivers that are really reckless and helter skelters. They drive like they own the highway, they will cut you, they will overtake you in a very wrong timing. They will change lanes without using signal lights. I am not a fan of them but you can see that they are playing the road. They do it everyday that is why they are very good in traffic and they can get away with every mistakes that they are doing.

Some people are just using guitar and just making a sound but some are really playing it, these are the professionals, these are the players who are playing guitar for a very long time. The amateurs are just making a sound and they are afraid to make mistakes, they are nut fun to watch, their style is very basic. But the professionals, you will see that they are really playing the guitar and they play really fantastic notes, they will improvise to make the sound better. They are playing on a different level and they can even change the timing and the style of the song anytime they want to. They have a lot of emotions when they play the guitar because they really feel it.

The great lawyers, you can tell that they are playing the law. Even if they are lying, they can get away with it because their knowledge is very deep and they are very confident that they can win any case. They are not afraid to lie and make excuses, they can find a way how to make a single statement believable, they can even make you look like a liar.

If you are great then you can break the rules, you can play, you have a special treatment and there is something in you that people are looking up to. You can enjoy what you are doing very much and you can make great moments.

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