November 19, 2016


Right now you can make history now, even if you are not that skilled, gifted or whatever you wanted to call it... you can become part of the history. It is just a matter of wanting it and pushing through pain.

Making history is not about gaining popularity, it is about doing something that was never done before. A lot of people wanted to make history but they don't know how to do it, they don't know where to start. They were so in love with the idea of making it great but they are not willing to do big sacrifices. You can make history in your own way, you don't need other people's approval, you don't need their cheers, applauds or praises. After all the real meaning of history does not have anything to do with how many people liked you, it has something to do with the numbers that you produced in a specific activity.

So if you are struggling in life, the best way how to deal with it is to make history in your own way. It will make you feel good, it will make you feel great, it is like a game. You are the main character and you will just level up and level up and level up. You don't need to tell people that you are making history, you can keep it up to yourself, people are so good in interrogating someone's life, they will just make your journey difficult by commenting a lot to what you are doing. If you don't like what they say, you will feel bad. You will even fight with someone if the comment is so offensive. So just focus on making your own history and let the results come in naturally.

If you are unemployed son of a bitch right now and you don't know what to do anymore. It is time for you to make your own history. Be the one who will apply for at least one hundred jobs in one day. I am sure that shit was never done before. Apply online, apply on different websites that you seen. You can even walk, walk as far as you can and look around you if there is a job opening. Remember that you are making history, you will pass your application to any company that you think you are qualified. Produce huge numbers, produce something that was never done before. Remember that this is just a game. You are leveling up every minute or every hour. You've got to have the most number of tries, that is the way how to make history.

If you're a writer and you're books are not selling, you can still make a history. Remember, people around you doesn't matter, you can still become part of the history even if you are not winning, you just need to produce a very large number that not anyone can match. So the best thing to do here is write as much as you can. If an average writer can write 10 books per year then write 20 books per year. And don't ever make an excuse that you don't have money to have your books published. Remember that we are in a golden generation now, you can publish your content online for free, how good was that? Forget about making money, forget about making results. You are not making money before so what is the big deal if you are still not making money now? It is time to level up now and take as much actions as you can, you are making history for yourself and that should be your focus. So write anything that you can write, it doesn't matter if no one is reading your content, what matters is you are writing, you are moving and you keep on producing huge numbers... that is how to put your name on the history.

If you are a competitor, let's say you're a boxer but your record is awful. You have a losing streak of ten and you feel like quitting anymore. Wait, wait, wait... that is not how to make history right? you need to keep going and keep losing. If there is still a promotion that is willing to give you a fight then you should take it. Keep losing, lose more, keep the numbers rising. After all, you will reach that mindset of not being afraid to lose anymore and once you reached it... you will become free. You will become loose if you are not afraid to lose. Winning will start to take over, your confidence will soar high, you will feel invincible because you already knew how it feels to lost a lot of times and it won't affect you anymore, you knew you can handle losing so you will not be afraid to try and try and dominate the game. You would love to make history, a losing record doesn't matter to you anymore because all you think about is producing huge numbers may it be about losing or winning, you are the real fighter, you will keep fighting until you can. Do you know Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Robinson and Julio Cesar Chavez? those are one of the greatest boxers of all time, they have a lot of lost but they keep on fighting and fighting, they were not scared to fight, they were not concerned about their blemished records and that is why they are on the history. They just don't care, they just wanted to fight until they can and that is how they carved their names on the history book.

Even if you are just a garbage collector, you can still make history. Make the most number of garbage being collected in one day. I knew it sounds funny but it is still in the history. People are not aware of it, people are not interested with it. But they can't take away the fact that you still produce a very large number that on one can match. Not only you made their streets clean, you also made an impact. You made a change even if they don't recognize it. Don't worry because it is a universal law that the hardest worker will become successful. Just wait for your time and your boss will see all of your efforts, some people will even recommend you to higher positions because your work ethic is unbelievable.

If you're a musician and your beat sucks, if no one wants to listen to you, you can still make history. Compose hundreds of music, be the one who composed the most number of songs. I am pretty sure you will be heard, you got the records, you got the numbers. Who are they to say no to you? by doing that your skills will also develop, you will become a genius. Your timing, rhythm and beat will become phenomenal. You will be able to produce music that was never heard before because you've already mastered your craft by repeating over and over again. You will become a master of your own domain, you will get a lot of attention because your music is spread all over the world. Post it in you tube, post the links of your music.

Having the most number of tries will put you in history, it is not about who has the most number of wins or success. It is about who do it the most and who will do it until the end. So you can make history at any given day in what you are doing, just do something that will produce the largest numbers. If you're a street sweeper then sweep the most number of leaves. If you're a factory worker then produce the largest number of products that you packed. If you're an encoder then encode the most number of words. This is not abut competing, it is about making history.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. What matters is you keep on pushing until something happens. And just like I said, you've been a loser before, you've been beaten before and nothing is happening to you. So why not give it a try to do more than the others and expect for a different outcome? yes you will get tired but fatigued won't kill you, you will only get better and better everyday. The more you get tired, the more you will improve, the more you will be closer to making a history. 

It is better to produce huge numbers than to just settle for some pretty decent numbers that won't even make a difference. Don't look for the results, don't look for praises or appreciation, just focus on producing huge numbers and let the rewards come at you naturally. Don't force it, don't beg for it. It will come in the end. You will get what you deserve. You will get more if you do more. The equation is very simple, you just need to stick with the grind for a very long time and you too will become successful in the end.

The key to success is to feel good everyday, feel good about producing huge numbers. It doesn't matter if people don't see your effort, it doesn't matter if you are winning in life. What matters is you feel good about yourself doing more and producing huge numbers that no one can match. You don't need to talk about it, you don't need to brag about it. People will see it naturally, you will be rewarded. Just trust the process and enjoy the ride.

So what is the most enjoyable thing that you can do now? something that you know will give you benefits in the long run. It can be about anything, it can be running, pushup, drawing, making arts making music, shooting, dribbling, painting etc. Do it for a very long time, break records from it and make your own history.

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