November 04, 2016


A lot of people don't want to try even if the opportunity is presented because they always wanted to look perfect. They don't want to hear someone going to criticize them, they want to stay with their unblemished record that don't have a record.

If someone created a song, he wants to make sure it will become a platinum record. But how you will know that it will become platinum if you will not let the public hear it? I know you're scared to death that someone will laugh at your work but that is just the part of the process. Even if you are the greatest musician on earth there will still be some people who will laugh at you without any valid reason, they are here in this world to spread negativity and you have no choice but to keep doing your work, if you will listen to them you will only be disturbed and get mad. There is no point in listening to them. So even if you honestly know in yourself that your work is not perfect or it has some flaws, use it still and tell the world how it sounds.

If you have a portfolio and you see other's portfolio more beautiful than yours, still use it. Still show your portfolio to others, never be ashamed of your work because the client might see something in your work that he cannot see from others. You know you work hard for it, you give time, you drop blood, sweat and tears so never be ashamed of it even if it is not as nice as other people's work.

There are lot of good musicians that kept they work because they don't want the world to hear it because they thought that their creations were not good enough. They died with their music and they die with full of regrets. They were the only ones to hear their own music, the world never hear it and it is sad because those music could have been popular and it can bring another inspiration to people.

Always trying to become perfect will create fear, it will stop you from being successful. Once you see that others' work were better than you, you will get overwhelmed and scared. You will think that they are downing your work. Sometimes those people whom you compare your work with also thinks that you are better than them. They also think that your work is lovelier than theirs. It is the other way around. Not all you feel is right, sometimes it is just fear that is making you think that your work is ugly.

Have a thick face and don't be afraid to show your work to the world even if it is not perfect. It can create opportunities, you can become popular with your own work, all you need to is be confident and never care if they laugh at you or humiliate you.

And even if you get embarrassed by your work or performance, still don't care. That humiliation will only last for a minute or two. People will forget it easily, people don't mind about failures, they only mind about success and who is doing good in life. You can't even bring that humiliation to your death. At one point in your life you're going to die so why not take the chance now and show them what you've got.

Even the legends and people with big names have flaws, they too were not perfect but they are not afraid to show what they've got, they are not afraid to perform. That is the difference between a successful and a failure, successful people never shy away from opportunities, they grab it like a lion eating his prey.

So what are you waiting for? if you have something show it, if you know something do it.

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