November 02, 2016


The beauty of trying is underestimated nowadays. People doesn't want to try, they just wanted to make sure that they will get what they want without hustles or feeling a little bit uncomfortable. They don't want to waste their time trying. Do they really don't want to waste their time or are they just lazy to do the process?

They said that they don't want to waste their time trying something that looks like will not work because they have some more important things to do. But if you will check their lifestyle, they are just watching TV 24 hours a day, they even memorize the script in game of thrones, they know all the actions in prison break, they all know the different movements of zombies in the walking dead. They even know how to sing the opening song in a korean drama series even though it is not their own language.

So if you see something that you wanted to try but you are doubting if it will work, try it still. There is no harm in trying but there is a big regret in not trying. You will think it for a very long time, "what if I try", "what if I take the risk?". So many questions will run inside of your head, you will get even crazy, that is what regret does... it will make you think forever. The worse is, if you see someone who succeed because he try but he is not even at your level. You will feel stupid and dumb, do you like that?

So if you see an opportunity, if there is an idea that runs inside of your head in an unexpected time, just do it right away. Do it even if you feel that it won't work. Because you will only know that it will work if you try it. You will never know the result if you are not willing to take the risk. Don't be afraid that your time will only be wasted because at least even if you fail, you will still learn some lesson.

Millions people have stories that they could have been rich, they could have been successful, if this thing happens or that thing happens. They are funny because no matter how proud they are of what they've accomplished... you cannot remove the fact that they are still failures because they did not even try. They funny thing is, they are even proud of not taking chances. They are just telling their cowardly act that is very near of succeeding. Almost is a very weak word, it is a word for losers and excuse makers.

If you try then you already won, even if you didn't get the price or bag the money or something, at least you still learn something. And the best thing about it is you will never experience the feeling of regret. You will know the result and you will know your capabilities. How good was that?

So what is it that you wanted to try? do you think it will work? Never mind if it will work or not, just try it and make it work.

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