November 04, 2016


You also want to have a one million subscribers in you tube, you've seen someone doing it. You also wanted to copy all of his actions and make money, you also wanted to become popular. You will try to emulate all of his actions and try to gain as much subscribers as he have. But after working for so very long did you get the same results? or did you even break his numbers?

Of course not, you didn't break his numbers because you don't love what you are doing. You just love what he accomplished. You got blinded by the number of subscribers, you got blinded by the popularity. You want the money not the process. You want to copy someone but the problem is you are not them, you are you.

You will not become successful if you just want to copy someone's success. You have your own success and your goal is how to find it.

Everyone has his own version of success, there is no similar path. Everyone has his own unique path on how to get success. If you are just copying someone so you can have it fast then the tendency is you will not be able to get it.

Because you are different and your mission is to show your uniqueness to everyone. You have to express how you feel and show them what is inside of you.

You are not them so you cannot be like them If you wanted to be like Michael Jordan then you will not be like him. He is very different from you. There are some moves that you can copy but you will not be able to emulate his drive, passion and knowledge in the game.

You will create your own style if you wanted to succeed. You don't need to copy them because they are not you. You can get some ideas from them but you will never be able to copy their own success. You will have a different version of your success and the good thing is it can be better than them.

So don't be sad if you are not producing the same results that they have. It only means you need to do something different, you need to think originally and follow your intuition.

There are lot of copycats that were good but they never go far because it come to the point where they don't know who they are anymore. They are not enjoying what they are doing anymore and they stop because they can no longer find the love in what they are doing. They feel cold, the passion is no longer there, the fire died and that usually happens when you are just imitating.

So if you are wondering why you cannot be like them, the answer is very simple... you are not like them and you don't need to. Celebrate your uniqueness, celebrate your style. You don't need to be jealous with them because you can become successful as well in your own terms.


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