November 02, 2016


You can never run away from your responsibilities because it will always hunt you. It will always follow you wherever you will go. It is like holding a rose with thorns. You thought that you get away with it but in the end you will see that it is still there.

If you impregnate a woman and you don't love her, you still need to give support for the child. You can't be running away like a dog that is afraid of a zombie. Because the more you run, the more it will hunt you down, the more you will get stressed and crazy. What if the woman files a case against you? what are you going to do? the best way to solve the problem is face the problem. Face it like a man, own your responsibilities and never pass it to your mom or dad. You've been acting like a tough guy in front of your friends when you are trying to impress them, but now, where is that swag that you are always being proud about?

All you have to do is face it even if you are afraid to face it. Do something about it, analyze it and then do whatever you think that will make the problem smaller. Because problems only become big if you will not give attention to it, it grows bigger and bigger everyday because you are not taking care of it. You also think that it is big that is why it feels big, but if you will only take time to think that it is not a big deal and there is a solution for it then you will feel better and relieved.

Always keep in mind that you don't have to solve it right away, you just need to take it one step at a time so you won't get overwhelmed. It is like healing a wound, you clean the wound put some healing ointment, you dress it and you let it heal naturally. Time and action will solve your problem. Because the moment you want to solve it in just one day... your problem will only grow bigger. solving your problem in one day is like forcing it. Look at those teenagers who got pregnant, they want to solve it fast so they go for abortion. And did that decision solved their problem? of course no. They got even worse, they become pregnant again and then they will do the same thing over and over again until they live in a very horrible life.

Because you will never learn a lesson if you want your problems to go away within a snap of your fingers. Look at those who were in huge debt, they thought that the way to solve their problems is to look for another person that will lend them bigger money so they can pay the debts that were harassing them. The question is.. did their problems vanished? the answer is no. Their debts did even multiply, they were broke as fuck and they don't know what to do anymore. They want shortcuts but shortcuts will just lead them from where they start.

Problems are to be solved gradually, you don't need to rush. Take it day by day, solve it slowly and surely. You don't need to escape from it, all you need to do is be with it and make small actions to make the situation a little bit better.

You have to face the stress by solving it, that is why it is called a problem. It is not comfortable so don't expect a smooth sailing day by trying to solve it. You can find a way if you will not go away.