November 17, 2016


There are some things that you thought are not affecting your financial status but the truth is your ship is almost sinking. Small things when added together will become big things so if you are not aware of the things that are making you poor... you're dead, you will become broke in a matter of time. There are some liabilities that you though is helping you but the reality is it is taking a lot from your wealth.

You better be aware because if you will not stop the madness now, you will become broke in the future. This is not a joke, those small liabilities can drill a big hole into your ship and make it sink. The sad thing is you will just know it when you're already trapped in a quick sand.

That one dollar, two dollars or ten dollars that you spent irresponsibly will make a huge effect in your financial status in the future, you will know it when you're already in trouble. So the best thing to do is find those liabilities that are making you poor and get rid of them right away, it doesn't matter if it will affect some people around you, you are not here to pamper them so do the right thing and make change in your life.

What are those silent liabilities that are affecting your financial status? I have here the list, you better get rid of them before it's too late. It is easy to do it, just cut it out without explaining yourself to anybody, even if some people will get mad at you because they were affected, don't care about them, After all, you are the one who is working for your money and not them, you are the one who is busting your ass and doing the work so don't every worry about them.

1. Percentage of your income that goes to religious groups. If you are part of a religious group that requires some percentage of your income so you can sustain your membership... wake up! Those religious groups are just members, if they are really true to their words then they must welcome any member without getting something back. The religious leaders are the ones who were getting rich, they were collecting money without sweating. You must open your eyes that they were no different from you, they were also sinners and not perfect. Don't believe them,make your own judgement. And don't even be scared that you will go to hell if you don't believe them. They are only scaring you so you will believe them. And come to think of it, is there any religious leader who is not rich? where do you think is their money coming from? it's from your pocket. So don't accept your role as their cash cow. Leave them because they were only going for your money. Some religious groups were asking for 10 percent or even 20 percent of their members' monthly income, that was crazy and greedy. You better change your belief now and be the one who spend your own money.

2. Friends who always ask for a free lunch or dinner. Not all friends are good, we all know it. There are some friends who only knows how to get something from you. They are using you and you are tolerating it. You have friends that just wants some freebies from you. Even if you don't admit it, you know in yourself that you are being used. You are just afraid to admit it because you don't want to be called as stupid. You must get rid of friends that are just users, they are only making you poor, they will even leave you in the end if they can't get anything from you anymore. So you better take action now, if you have a friend in your circle that is making your financial status difficult, get rid of him, don't associate yourself with him. Even if he gets mad, just do what you need to do. Because at the end of the day, if you don't have money anymore, that friend will show his true colors, you will not even see his shadow if you're the one who is in need.

So put your user friends into the garbage right away, after all, you will see the real friends along the way if you are true to yourself, you will see them if you will not try to impress anyone just to get their loyalty. 

3. Monthly dues for your subdivision. There are some presidents in a subdivision that is corrupt. They will tell you that there is a project in the subdivision and you need to pay more than the regular monthly payment. You better watch out because even if you think that it's not a big deal... yes it is. They will always repeat it and they will get more money from you. The worst thing is, you don't even see an improvement in your subdivision. You better guard them and see where is the money going. You don't know if they are only using the money of the subdivision for their own good. If you think that your payment for the monthly dues is not going to the right place then stop paying. Don't talk to the president if he wants to talk to you about the monthly dues, hide if you can.

4. Credit card. You think that your credit card is helping you? no it's not. It is only making your life difficult. It is a temptation to purchase a lot of things that you don't really need especially when you see an item that is sale. 50 percent or 70 percent, it doesn't matter. Once you use your credit card then you already have a liability. A lot of people uses their credit card until their only one swipe away from being broke. You shouldn't use this shit because you don't even have the money yet then you already have something to pay. Credit cards is for poor people, they use it because they don't have money in their pocket. It only gives you a habit of spending in advance. You should only use the money that was already in your hands and not what is just about to come. Credit card's main purpose is to make you reach the credit limit. The more you swipe it, the more you become broke. Your liability will become bigger, you will become poorer.

5. Drinking coffee in an expensive coffee shop. Well, this is not really a liability but it is becoming one especially if you are getting addicted to it. Some people drinks coffee everyday at an expensive coffee shop, I don't know if they really like it or they are just trying hard to look rich. Well, whatever the case is, this is not a good habit. How much can you save if you are just preparing your coffee at your home? the taste maybe different but the effect is still the same, its purpose it just to wake you up. Prepare your own coffee and you can see a big improvement in your financial status.

6. Installment gadgets or appliances. Some people still just can't get it. They love expensive things that they can't afford in one payment so they will  enter an installment plan. The rule of the thumb is don't buy a thing with a price that is more than your monthly salary because it will make your life miserable. The thing that you bought is already old and outdated yet you haven't finished paying it. You will become unmotivated in paying it because it is too old already and doesn't spark your eyes anymore. This will give you a bad feeling, it feels like you have a big problem that you can't get rid of because there is  a timeline for paying it, no matter how bad you want to end the that liability... you can't because you don't have enough money to pay in advance.

7. Unimportant bills. One year subscription of Netflix, insurance that is not necessary, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships etc. The truth is you can still live without those subscriptions. You are only making your life difficult by subscribing a lot. You can't even use sum of those at its fullest, you can't maximize the usage because you don't know what to use first, you don't have a lot of time to use all those things so it is better to cut some of them.

No matter how small your salary is, you can still survive and have a good life if you know how to use your money well. A lot of people have big salary but they have a lot of debts because they were so addicted to stupid spending. They love buying stuffs that they don't need, they want to impress people, they only feel good by spending. You should inspect your lifestyle and find that things that you don't really need and get rid of them right away. You can become rich by saving, you can't become poor by under spending.

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