November 30, 2016


If you're living a bum life for years and you wanted to change badly but you can't, I have here the most effective ways to change your bum life. Changing is very simple if you are truly committed about it and you take it seriously, change will only happen if you feel uncomfortable and lost. Change takes time so you better be patient and never force it to happen.

1. Focus on something positive. It can be a hobby, business or even charity. If you are so focused on something then you already changed your life. If you're a broke bum, just focus on making money and you already changed your life. At first you will not make money so fast but if you are so focus then you will be able to find ways how to make some money, then you will become very good at it. Focus your thoughts on money, imagine holding a lot of money in your hands. Even if you don't know how to make big money just do something that will give you some money then opportunities for making big money will come later if you are so focused on thinking about it and finding it.

It's all about the thoughts that you put inside of your head, it's all about the actions that you do everyday. If you really want to change then focus on something that will get all of your attention. So find something that you will enjoy doing for long hours and then place your energy on it, give most of your time for it. A lot of drug addicts before, their lives change because they find something to do, they put their energy on sports or arts or doing charities. Their lives changed completely because they don't give attention to drugs anymore. The find something that will suck their energy completely so they don't have energy for doing drugs anymore. It's a mater of finding something that will take away your focus from bad habits and doing it as much as you can.

So find a hobby or any kind of activity that you think will change your life, the focus here is not getting rid of those bad habits from the past or present but to engage in a new activity that will make your forget those bad habits.

So if you want to have a healthy and hot body, stop overthinking about changing and how are you going do it. Just do focus on doing something healthy and that's it. Never think about stopping some unhealthy eating habits or doing a very strict routine. Just focus on what to do to make your body healthy and fit. Just focus on doing some exercises or drills and eating some healthy foods. The results will take care of itself.

2. Create a self image. In order for you to change, you must project a self image, a self image that you have to live everyday. If you want to become super rich then study what most rich people do, how they look, how they speak, how they operate and copy it. Live with that kind of self image, never change it until you become it. If you want to become an athlete then you should project a self image on an athlete. Dress like them, train like them, speak like them, work hard like them and one day you will become an elite athlete too. Build that self image of yours in your head and always imagine that you were already that person. Transformation will change little by little, just keep on surviving that self image and you will see that you already changed.

3. Shoot for the stars. If you keep on shooting the same target everyday and you keep on hitting it then you will never change. You should shoot for the stars even if you feel that you can't hit it. Just use all of your strength to get it. Even if you missed the target, you've already changed because you stretch yourself and you push the envelope. Not all people will aim what they think they can't aim. They will settle for what is less and easy that is why they can't see what is possible.

4. Alter your belief and never change it. Develop a belief and never change it no matter what happens. If you believe before that you can't make it then you must believe now that you can become successful. Believe it even if things go wrong, believe it no matter what happens, just believe and keep on believing everyday. Make sure that your belief goes stronger everyday. A person's life is determined by his belief so if your belief is very low then you will have a very low life too. Upgrading your belief means upgrading your life. Believing is free, nobody can teach you what to believe in, you can choose the things or dreams that you wanted to believe so if you really wanted to change... you must hold a firm belief for yourself. A belief that cannot be broken by anything or anyone, a belief that is bullet proof.

5. Move to another place. Sometimes if your situation is really bad and you don't know what to do anymore, you want to change but it is really hard because the people around you is stopping you then you need to move to another place. You need a fresh start, a place where nobody knows you and nobody will judge you. This is the best way to start over again and change your life. Move to another place but also make sure that you will never bring the bad memories with you, never bring it to your new place because you will never change if you still have some bad vibes remaining in your system.

6. Change some friends. Some of your friends are not good influence for you. That is why your life is in a rut. Getting rid of some of your friends will make your life easier, especially if you remove the most parasite ones. You already knew that some of your friends were pulling you down yet you still associate yourself with them. You already knew that some of your friends were stabbing you at your back yet you still treat them nice. Dump all of your friends that are making your life difficult, period.

7. Walk alone for several weeks. Isolation is a gift. If your mind is really crowded, if you are terribly lost and you feel like you cannot find yourself anymore.... walk alone. I mean isolate yourself for several weeks. Being alone will let you see yourself, you will see who you really are and what you wanted to be. You will be able to think for a very long time what you really want in life and where do you want to go. You will be able to assess yourself completely and you will know what is missing in your life and what are the necessary adjustments needed. Have more time for yourself and get to know yourself even more.

8. Read a lot of motivational books  and watch a lot of motivational videos. It is true that without action then motivation is useless. But you can't also move and change yourself if you are not motivated. So the key here is motivate yourself for a very short period of time then make actions right away. Then tomorrow motivate yourself again so that the fire will not die then take actions again. Exposing yourself to a lot of motivational stuffs will make your mental game stronger, you will be able to absorb some beliefs that will help you to change faster. You can change your life by motivating yourself a lot and then taking actions on the same day that you motivate yourself.

9. Put yourself in an uncomfortable position. You will never change if you are always feeling comfortable. There must be pain, there must be sacrifice and resistance. If you are having an easy life that has no stress than you never upgraded to another level, you're the same bum a few years ago. So always check your emotions, if you are not having a little difficulty now then it means you are not changing. Change is stressful so you better embrace the negative emotions. Feeling bad is only temporary, it is only in the beginning. Once you get used to the change then your life will become very easy in the later stage of the process.

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